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Poster: HankAndLeeStamper Date: Aug 31, 2018 4:40pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Dead & Co.

There was some great stuff in the 80s, it's true. I did love the Police and Talking Heads (and U2), but didn't get hip to the Blasters til I was older (still in high school til '84, police and heads were popular at that age, but not blasters). And I love Springsteen, who was huge then and rightly so. And there was the more "college" stuff that I loved, the Replacements coming immediately to mind.
The Neville Brothers and the Radiators spoiled me young though, and my craving was always for what to see live, and in the whole of the 80s I saw the Police, U2, Springsteen and Replacements once each, and the Heads not at all. In that sense, especially once I moved west, the dead were always there, live, without a net so to speak. Though from an honest critical perspective, I think the Neville Brothers at a club holding under 1000 were probably the best live act of the 80s (that I saw at least, maybe excepting the Boss. Maybe.)
(edit: I only went to post-coma shows, and as a result i often saw "clean" Jerry, who i think sounded pretty good on vocals a lot more than he did at certain other points in his life)(second edit: also, i was usually dosed or at least shrooming, so my judgment of "hunh! can't hit the high notes Fat Man?? was perhaps not as critical as it may have been)

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